From the Rec Min 9/5/2017 - (September 6th, 2017)

Saturday was another great day of soccer. I’m especially enjoying watching my oldest grandson playing each week while I hold his two year old brother who will be on the fields in a couple of years. Two weeks ago my daughter gave us a third grandson (her first) who will assure us that we’ll be out on the fields or in the gym for many more years to come. We are so very blessed and thank God daily for our family, the love that is generated from person to person, and the opportunity to share our faith with the next generation. That is also an opportunity we enjoy together with all in our CSports family. In our “developmental league” we are able to not only teach and model healthy activities, but we are able to share our faith. We do this through our words and with the example we provide when we cheer for and support one another as we grow in age, ability, and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We ask that all of our CSports participants support the idea that we are all on one team in our mission to this younger generation. There was some discussion this week regarding our player/game rotation (PGR) and how it affects the playing time and positioning of each child. Ms. Rose works very hard each season of each sport to do the math required to match the number of participants on the field with the positions and number of players on the rosters. Trust me, this will make a math major sweat! Anyway, people will often not understand why their child isn’t on the field during some periods and may become anxious. Please be sensitive to this and explain as often as you can. Coaches, if you have problems deciphering the PGR in both playing time and positioning, please see Ms. Rose asap so you can get it explained. One thing that is common to youth sports in park leagues is the notion that coaches are using players to gain a competitive edge. Once these children age out of CSports and go into school sports, that will be a reality. Until then, here in CSports, we rotate our players so that all get playing time as evenly as we can accommodate and they can experience each position with encouragement coming from the coaches and teammates. In our first year of CSports Flag Football we had one coach who had a son who was immensely talented. He would start his son at quarterback and when the time came to rotate positions, the new quarterback’s first move was to toss the ball to his son, wherever he was playing, so that the talented son could then run or throw the pass. Even though he was technically rotating positions, the spirit of the rule was not being followed. Please be sure that each child on your team is shown your care and confidence each time they take the field. Some require more encouragement than others, so seek the Holy Spirit’s direction as you overcome the instinctive competitiveness that we all share. I am an old ball player myself and coached a bit in the park leagues as my son and daughter played. I would later sit in the stands or by the dugout in a folding chair embarrassing my wife as I tried to “help” the officials with their calls and “encourage” my kids with my corrective suggestions. I saw tears, felt high blood pressure and shame as I exhibited behaviors that have, unfortunately, become more the rule than the exception in sports. When we started CSports back in 2004 as a ministry, we decided to fight against the “bad” side of sports and make it fun again. As I say at each celebration event, they will see “the other side” when they start school sports and will, by then, be good at the sports they like and will be leaders on the teams as they will have learned to encourage, laugh, work hard, and enjoy the sport. In one translation I enjoy, Romans 12:2 tells us, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” Any time we allow our minds and behavior to be shaped by negative thoughts we are robbing ourselves of peace, joy, and hope. We must allow Christ to renew our minds – one thought at a time – to be able to enjoy life despite its challenges. You who are reading this are leaders in this ministry. Please pray with me daily that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide us as we battle the ways of the world and shape the future of our community. Thank you for all you do! Please join me in prayer for the hurricane victims in Texas and Louisiana, and, for the people in Florida and the islands who are about to be victims of a horrible storm. Our church is collecting items for a big relief effort. Please go on to the